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Just four steps to your secure, smooth and cost effective

tech environment.



Initial Contact

The process begins with the customer contacting us via our website, email, or phone. During this initial phase, we gather necessary details about your business, including its size, specific needs, and objectives. A dedicated relationship manager will respond promptly to your inquiry, addressing your queries and providing a detailed overview of our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and laptop provisions.


Tailored Proposal

Based on the information gathered during the initial contact, our team of expert IT strategists will develop a customized proposal. This document includes a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific requirements, including MDM services, laptop specifications, as well as cost and timeline estimates. We will schedule a meeting (in-person or virtual) to walk you through the proposal, addressing any questions or concerns.




Implementation and Setup

Upon agreement with the proposal, our expert technicians will initiate the setup process. This includes the configuration of your MDM solution, which entails setting up security protocols, installing necessary software, and preparing laptops for distribution. We handle all aspects of the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations. Our team will work closely with you during this stage, providing regular updates and taking any necessary adjustments into account.


Delivery and Support

Once the setup is complete, we deliver the prepared laptops to your designated location. We ensure the devices are ready-to-use, with the MDM system already integrated. Post-delivery, we don't stop at just handing over the devices. Our support team will provide training to your staff to help them utilize the MDM system effectively and securely. We also offer ongoing technical support to handle any challenges or changes in your business needs, ensuring your MDM system remains up-to-date and efficient.


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